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About Us

OIC Valve Covers is an established company with a wealth of experience in insulation. We manufacture a range of high quality thermal covers designed to insulate and protect pipes, valves, actuators, heat exchangers and much more.

Our thermal jackets are specially manufactured to order so that they suit your exact requirements. We are able to provide removable thermal covers for even the most unusually shaped parts and components, so that every inch of your operation can be properly insulated.

We are committed to supplying insulation products that can save you money. As part of this commitment, OIC Valve Covers provides energy saving information and advice to support our products. At our services page you can read about how we use the latest technology to accurately predict the energy savings you could make when you switch to our thermal covers.

Helping the environment by reducing your company’s carbon footprint is more important than ever and our products are the ideal energy-saving solution. You can fulfil your corporate responsibilities when it comes to energy by relying on OIC Valve Covers for helpful advice and assistance.

OIC Valve Covers is committed to high standards of quality in both our products and customer service. With over 30 years of experience, OIC Valve Covers is the company to trust if you want to save money and help the environment.