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Thermal Jackets

Thermal jackets provide excellent insulation for pipes, valves, flanges and other equipment in your workplace. These parts and components are often left without insulation due to their awkward shapes, leaving them vulnerable to the elements and susceptible to energy loss.

Here at OIC Valve Covers, we specialise in manufacturing bespoke thermal covers for these parts. No job is too complicated for our team, as our expert advisors can create a custom made jacket especially for your requirements, no matter how unusually shaped the part in question is. Not only do these covers look professional and insulate components brilliantly, they also provide personal protection from the high levels of heat beneath.
We manufacture our removable thermal covers using a variety of cloths for production up to 1,000 degrees centigrade. These are manufactured using Kevlar, sewing twine or stainless steel for higher temperature work. The closures we use include Velcro, drawstrings, D-rings, straps or hook and wire and you can choose which design will suit your needs. Our thermal mats are easily removed for maintenance purposes and can be replaced when required.
Thermal jackets are highly recommended for protecting and insulating expensive and delicate equipment. Utilising insulation can help your company to save money and protect the environment. OIC Valve Covers can even estimate how much money you will save by installing thermal covers throughout your site.